Don’t Quit, Don’t Bash, Don’t Give Up

Thoughts for the day..

It still baffles me how some people will build up a solid consistent income in one opportunity… then they see a different one that looks “better”, and then they start jumping on that one..

Then they realize that they should have stuck with the original one (the one that’s making money, remember?) so they start bashing the original one in order to desperately justify leaving behind something that was FINALLY working for them.

It’s frustrating how I see so many people getting caught up in that circle.

Cash, Bash, and Re-hash. lol.

fyi, many companies have it noted in their terms of use that if you “speak negatively” about the company or it’s products they will kick you out permanently, regardless of how much money you are earning. So be careful whose bridges you burn.

Stick with what is making you money.. and learn how to maximize that first. There’s no grass greener than your own.. if you take care of it.

That is all.

– Geoff Stephen

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