Commissions and New Products

Hello all.. a few important items in this update:

In fact there are 2 parts, please read everything..

This Month’s Commissions Errors:

For some of you there is a slight correction in your earnings for October.

As most of us know, Alertpay has been having difficulties in getting their banking partnerships in order, and during this time (most of October) their reporting caused some false subscription payments to be recorded by our site. What this means is many Alertpay subscribers were marked as being “Paid” for last month, even though their subscriptions did not actually get paid by Alertpay – no funds were sent. Because of this, subscription “failure” notifications were being recorded by our site as being valid payments.

I caught this error after the commissions were calculated for last month. I have since made the corrections and have re-calculated last month’s commissions. If you have any questions please let me know via support ticket.

I apologize for this error even though I really had no way of knowing that it was happening without doing manual checks of some of our member accounts.

Commission Payments:

I will start transferring commission payments to you starting today (and through tomorrow of course). However, some payments may come through a day or two late because of this whole Alertpay issue. Obviously I was not accounting for payments that were supposed to come through near the end of the month but never did. I had to do some money transferring at the last minute which is on it’s way to Alertpay so I can fund your accounts as soon as possible.

To put it bluntly, Alertpay has really messed up with how everything was “supposed” to work last month. And to be honest, I have spent way too much time dealing with “their” issues. It has taken a lot of my time away from progressing with the great projects I’m working on for our NPN membership. Yes, I’m getting tired of having to justify all their issues and re-explain them to everyone, when I SHOULD be updating you on all the GOOD STUFF that is happening at NPN…


And yes, there are some things coming that I’m REALLY excited to share with you.


Where do I start..?? Here goes..

I have a brand new front end website in the works, and a very cool new backoffice for you to “play” with. GlobalNPN is getting an updated look that I’m sure you’ll be impressed with!

The new backoffice is going to be a more simplified version of what we have now. Better workflow, better use of the space available, and a more user-friendly way of getting around the backoffice. Don’t worry, I’m not taking away anything from you back there, just making it much easier to navigate and get to where you want to be. We have a LOT of “stuff” in our backoffice and the last thing you want is to have your new referrals overwhelmed by what they see when they login!

Our new ‘front-end’ website will give you an option for a more professional image to convey to your prospects. It is “high-end” and will be fantastic at bringing in new members for you.

As I said in a previous update, I have a couple more great products that I will be adding to your new backoffice. New ‘video-related’ products, and something very cool that will help our leaders train and share with their teams. It’s all about “value” and with your GlobalNPN membership you will be able to provide more value with our upcoming tools and systems than you could EVER hope to do with any other online resource!

Now.. Over the last little while I have been experimenting with a new lead-generation system I designed and programmed that has never been done before.. at least not the way I’m doing it. It will enable you to build your OWN contact list (through aweber, NPN, or whatever) at a rate of 3 times as fast as you could on your own (to exponential proportions), PLUS build your online income at the same rate through the lead generator and via your own list, PLUS build your own NPN downlines, again at that same rate! In fact I see a large percentage of our membership using this system exclusively in the near future to capture leads, build their lists, and make money, due to it’s universal capabilites and NPN integration. In fact if you’re an NPN member you will benefit HUGELY from this system.

..And if you’re NOT an NPN member, you will still be able to use it to it’s fullest extent.

You may be thinking: “Ok, Geoff, what’s the catch in your sneaky little system?”

No catch. In fact the list builder will be free to the world. Really, it’s just a common sense approach to a killer marketing funnel… and, oh yeah, with a bit of a twist. 😉 Anyone can build a marketing funnel, but you need a crazy programmer like me to incorporate that “twist” that will make it go through the roof!

It should be fun..

That’s it for now, I have to dive back in to my work now..

Please re-send this update to your downlines..

Feel free to comment or ask questions below..

– Geoff Stephen

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19 thoughts on “Commissions and New Products”

  1. Hey Geoff,

    I completely feel your frustrations with regards to third party issues such as Alert Pay and completely understand if payment is late a day or two … This is through no fault of your own and your hard and tireless work is noted and very much appreciated.

    As for the your new products which you are adding to Global NPN I just have to smile … you continue to add value to an already fantastic product making Global NPN the best opportunity online for new marketers to learn and for more experienced marketers to utilize the awesome tools in their marketing efforts.

    Keep up the great work Geoff!


  2. Thanks for the update Geoff. While Alertpay has been a big problem, we had no idea they were messing up our commissions too! Glad you are watching things closely. You are a very hard worker indeed and deserve MILLIONS of members in NPN. I’m doing my best…

    The Free-ListBuilder may just do the rest!
    We look forward to the changes with drooling anticipation!

    All my best,
    Patricia S

  3. Hi Geoff

    Thanks for Your Continued Support and Genius innovations.

    Since I joined 2 Months ago My Team and Cheque have continued to grow each day of the week of the month.

    Lets Keep Raising the Bar. Global NPN under-promises but over-delivers.

    Global NPN is the Greatest Opportunity in the World.

    Lloyd Kim

  4. Hi Geoff, you totally rock!

    Appreciate your continuing efforts on our behalf, both in mopping up AP’s mess, and your continual innovations and tweaking to make a great system ever better….

    It’s taken me a while to get to this stage – I was scared of all the stuff in the back office in the beginning… lol…

    Your new front and back end sounds like it will make things easier for people.

    Thanks again

  5. Thanks Geoff – understand your frustration issues with AlertPay. Just a quick question.
    How long before the Debit Card program kicks in ?

  6. Hi Geoff,

    Sounds great – looking forward to the final system.

    I would like to re-send this article of yours, but when I click on “email” only a small section of the report comes up. Am I doing something wrong?

    • Hi Ron,

      If you’re clicking on the ‘gmail’ button it will only copy a portion of the article, with a link directly to this page to get the rest of it. You can always copy and paste the entire article into your own email program..

      – Geoff.

  7. I am glad that I joined NPN since the owner is always trying his best to improve the site and the service as will as the products,.
    Wish you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR


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