Backoffice Update

Hello NPN’ers,

Quick note to let you know that the new backoffice
design should be operational before the end of this
weekend! Yay!

Thank you for your patience on this. An update of
this magnitude is more involved than you probably realize.

Our backoffice is massive, with almost 1,000 pages
and scripts that keep everything running (yes, seriously),
this update is more than just “changing the background”
and the font color (contrary to what some people may
have told you).

The over-all design makes everything back there a
lot simpler and easier to navigate… which also makes
it easier to add new features without cluttering everything
up (like our new forthcoming products)..

Also, the capture pages and free report should all have
the new pricing on them now and the banners will be
updated so you won’t have to change your links. If I miss
something don’t worry it will get fixed.

Thanks again, more soon. Back at it..

Comment below..

7 thoughts on “Backoffice Update”

  1. Woohoo! I can hardly wait to see the new backoffice. This is a very exciting time for NPN.

    Thanks for being such an involved leader that you are continually improving this company.


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