What to say to your customers that don’t pay


So the question of the day, asked in our Facebook group, was this:

“I have people that have signed up under me, but they haven’t upgrade (paid) yet. How do I contact these people and what can I say to them?”

My answer is in this video (excuse the gum chewing, you caught me in my car on the way to my kid’s baseball game):

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  • Geoff Stephen

How to turn negative feedback into money in your pocket

Turning haters into more money.

If you are a client of mine, or follow my specific email process, you’ll know that eventually (or usually right away) you’ll get negative comments and replies to your emails. Of course, this is actually a very good thing because it means people are reading and responding to your message. It also means you’re making money.

Remember, when you make more money, you get more negative wannabe’s trying to bring you down.

You’ll make more money, and you’ll get what we call ‘haters’.

This is simply due to the type of emails we send.

The question here is “What do I do with these negative replies? How do I handle these people?”

Here’s what I do…

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– Geoff Stephen

This is why I don’t do free webinars


This is why I don’t do free webinars. Not usually anyways..

In our last webinar (Wednesday evening)..

I was teaching the exact types of emails that I send on a daily basis in order generate daily sales, and I mentioned that if your message is powerful enough, and ‘polarizing’ enough, you will hopefully get some hate mail from it.

.. and hate mail is awesome, in email marketing.


Because it proves that your message is getting through, and that the whole “Love me or hate me” thing is happening.

Once you get those types of responses, you will make way more sales and have a far more qualified list for your offers.

You get the garbage leads off your list, and the quality leads stay to hear what you’re all about.

So… here’s a good one I got the other day while inviting my list to signup for my webinar offer:

shitting me

Aside from the less than perfect grammar, this lovely person took time out of his “busy day” to tell me how much value he puts on quality training.

You see, this person will never be successful.

Why not?

Because he is the type that refuses to invest in himself or his business.

I don’t (usually) do free webinars because “free” has no value.

No value to you, no value to me.

Put it this way..

if you pay $1000 for a training product, and $7 for different one, which one are you going to invest your time into?

People that are serious about building a business know the answer to that question.

I charge for my webinars not only because I know the attendees will take it seriously, but also because I myself will put way more effort into bringing you the information you need to succeed.

My webinars are not “pitch fests”. They are unique, and specific to a certain training subject. Just solid training. No pitches. Just the facts, ma’am.

No hype, no selling, no self-proclaimed “guru” blowing hot air.

Just the “here’s how you do this”.

Plus, each one of my webinars are in-depth enough that they can easily be sold as separate products. Together, they’re a massive archive of internet marketing knowledge (my 15 years experience in this business).

They are all recorded and available in your backoffice, if you choose to be an attendee.

Fact: People that genuinely WANT to succeed are the people that attend my webinars.

And THAT is why you should join us every week.

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