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How To Win The Internet Bonus #1: Magnetic Sponsoring Sales Letter "Cheat Sheet"

Back in 2007, Mike Dillard and Tim Erway hired Ben Settle to beat Mike's already-successful sales letter for his best-selling "Magnetic Sponsoring" book. This one sales letter has been running non-stop for almost 8 years ever since, with nobody being able to beat it (despite numerous attempts to knock it out), and has led to tens of millions of dollars in sales.

This is unheard of in our industry.

Nobody has anything that's done even close to that.

And, people are always wondering what makes that letter "tick."

Well, guess what?

This bonus (a 5-part series of newsletters about copywriting Ben wrote to his private students) shows you the *exact* methodology Ben Settle used (step-by-step, written in "plain English", and with plenty of examples to swipe and study) to not only write that multi-million dollar earning letter - but all of the other ads he wrote for Mike Dillard, as well as a bunch of multimillion dollar earning sales letters in other hyper-competitive niches, too.

(Like golf, biz opp, self defense, and more).

This bonus is part of Ben's $297.00 copywriting product.

But, it's yours absolutely free.

That is, when you buy "The 3-Minute Expert" from our affiliate link right here:

How To Win The Internet Bonus #2: Street-Smart Email Secrets Of Ray Higdon's "Go To" Email Guy

This is the MP3 and written transcript of Ben Settle's (Ray's personal "go-to guy" for email, copywriting, and even product title advice) talk at Ray's elite mastermind last year. The attendees paid $10k-$50k just to be eligible for a seat at this event. And Ben taught all his best tips for writing emails customers love to open, read, and buy from.

This talk is completely uncensored and "uncut."

It's also yours free, when you buy from our affiliate link at:

How To Win The Internet Bonus #3: How To Spin Stories Into Sales

This is a video of a private training Ben Settle gave for Greg Gomez's $297.00-per-seat "Fast Start" seminar last year about how to tell stories in your marketing. (ALL marketing - blogs, emails, sales copy, videos, Facebook posts/ads, etc)

As Ben says:

"Humans are 'hardwired' to be persuaded by stories. Learn how to tell stories that sell and you'll never want for money again."

But, there's an art and science to creating these stories.

And in this video, Ben shows you exactly how he's used simple stories to write ads and emails that have collectively earned multi-millions of dollars in sales... and how YOU can, too.

(Even if you can barely write a grocery list now.)

This is yet another bonus you get, free, when you buy from our affiliate link here NAKED AFFILIATE LINK

How To Win The Internet Bonus #4: Traffic Secrets Of An MLM Black Sheep (mp3 series)

This is a series of taped consultations the "black sheep of MLM traffic experts" Shane Hunter gave his private clients about things like:

• How to outsource, hire, and scale your way to more profits and less work

• Shane's specific ad flow - watch him make a profitable ad from idea to finished product, via video phone call

• MLM specific ad campaign strategy

• Squeeze page optimization (for better opt-ins and conversions)

• How to eliminate "idea overload" and narrow down what you should do for your career

• How to deal with stubborn clients that just won't listen


Shane Hunter charges $800.00 per hour to do these kinds of consultations. (There's a fat $4,000.00 worth of consulting in these MP3's, ALONE.) And, he's also the self-described "Abrasive Advertising Guy" all your favorite MLM gurus seek out when they need help for everything from creating hyper-profitable funnels, to SEO (Shane is one of the few out there who can always make money from the so-called "dead" SEO, just ask his former client Frank Kern), to optimization, and more.

That means, the only way to get his hard-won advice gained from testing hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of advertising is to either pay him almost a grand, or get these MP3's free for buying "The 3-Minute Expert" from our affiliate link below.

But, a word of warning:

Shane's teachings are raw, and pull no punches.

So if you're easily offended, you should pass on listening to them. But, they are virtually guaranteed to make you money (while spending less on traffic).

They're also yours, free.

Well, that is if you buy from our bare-butt affiliate link:

How To Win The Internet Bonus #5: How To Make Facebook Your Traffic Beeotch (pdf)

Another Shane Hunter masterpiece:

Imagine your prospects running through a forest naked with a raw steak tied to their necks dripping a trail of blood, with starving wolves chasing them. Now, imagine what you would have to write in your Facebook ads to get them to not only stop, but read your ad, top to bottom.

That's the level of "pattern interrupts" Shane Hunter creates in Facebook ads.

The kind of ads your prospects *must* notice, read, and, if you follow his advice, buy from. The only way to get this interview is to pony up $97.00 to buy the newsletter issue it's a part of.

But you won't have to pay anything for it.

Assuming, of course, you buy from this affiliate link..

How To Win The Internet Bonus #6: The Traffic Redneck Speakeths

This bonus is by self-described "redneck" Eric McMillan.

Eric is another guy your favorite MLM traffic gurus go to when they get stuck.

(Although they are sometimes loathe to admit it...)

Like Shane Hunter, Eric has no products to sell either, and doesn't have any clients (accept one - which happens to be one of the top MLM training companies on the planet). In this PDF interview transcript he reveals how to use PPV (pay per view) ads to hunt up all the targeted, "ready to buy" traffic you can eat... and do it for just pennies on the dollar.

(Even in MLM which is rife with competition.)

Like the Facebook bonus above, you'd have to cough up $97.00 to get the newsletter issue this interview is attached to.

But it's yours for the taking - if you use this link:

How To Win The Internet Bonus #7: How The "Freddy Krueger Of Blogging" Builds Raving Fanbases Of Customers From Scratch

This PDF is an interview with Danny Iny (called "The Freddy Krueger Of Blogging") and reveals how he built his business from $0 to $700k per year by creating a huge, raving audience that loves him and also loves to buy everything he sells. (Yes, his customers *look forward* to buying from him).

And by the way:

This training isn't specifically about "blogging", it goes way beyond that, and is about building an audience.

A skill that works no matter what web tools you use.

This interview also part of a $97.00 newsletter issue.

But you can get it free by buying "The 3-Minute Expert" from this little black button:

How To Win The Internet Bonus #8: A Secret Way To Use Free Facebook Groups To Boost Your Sales In The Next 20 Minutes

This is an MP3 training with a woman who was able to use free Facebook groups to get so many new customers for her business, she had to turn people away.

Here's a taste of what's inside:

  • How to use a short text message to get people buying in droves from Facebook.
  • A "dignified" way to blatantly pitch on Facebook so people not only notice, but BUY what you're selling.
  • How to raise your prices by (ethically) using the same methods of the world's scummiest drug dealers.
  • A little-known secret to using insomnia to build your businesses faster, stronger and more profitably.
  • How to "program" your advertising so it makes sales even if your offer is confusing.
  • How to sell in Facebook groups in a way where people don't get angry and even cheerfully share your pitch with their friends.
  • The "secret sauce" that makes selling on Facebook as easy as falling off a log.
  • A sneaky way to do your own "groupon" without actually signing up for it.
  • Advice to people who want to quit their jobs and work for themselves... and do it extremely fast.
  • How to "sell" loved ones on becoming entrepreneurs.

This interview can (literally) make you money within 20-minutes of listening to it.

And it's all yours in this gaggle of valuable bonuses for people who buy Ray Higdon's "3-Minute Expert" from this link:

How To Win The Internet Bonus #9: Three Months Unlimited Free Access To GlobalNPN's Gold Level Membership

This hot little bonus is 3-months access to GlobalNPN -- and "all under one roof" internet marketing tools and training suite, from Geoff Stephens.

Geoff is an extremely successful internet marketer, programmer, and online trainer.

He has generated multiple millions of dollars in sales, and has paid millions to his affiliates in commissions using the very tools and videos you get in this bonus.

In fact, thousands of people have earned their first $1 (and much more) online using Geoff's systematic approach to online success, and his excellent training and coaching.

It normally cost $147 per month for these 3 months access.
But, you get all this (and MORE) free when you buy Ray Higdon's "3-Minute Expert" from us.


Here's a taste of what you get:

Free MMPro Unlimited Autoresponder Followup System... Free NPN Instant Blog... Free cPanel Unlimited Domain Web Hosting... Free HD Video Hosting... Free Audio Hosting... Free Full-Featured Ad Tracking System... Free Squeeze page creator... Free NPN Screen Recording and Screen Casting... Free Task Management Tools... Free Lead Management Tools... Free Done for you Lead Gen/sales funnels... Free Training Webinar recordings... and more.
Plus, your free 3 months also includes access to the entire GlobalNPN Training Library:

(Over 100 video hours of training)

"Fast Start" marketing training
List Building Master Class Video
Solo Ads Video Training (9 Videos)
Facebook Traffic Video Training (9 Videos)
Youtube Traffic Video Training (10 Videos)
HashTag Traffic Video Training (9 Videos)
Market Research Video Training (10 Videos)
Keyword Research Video Training (9 Videos)
Content Curation Video Training (9 Videos)
CPA Video Training (7 Videos)
Podcasting Video Training (11 Videos)
Copywriting, words that sell
Blogging Video Training
Optimization Video Training (10 Videos)
Mindset Video Training (8 Videos)
Product Creation Video Training
Outsourcing Video Training
Publishing Video Training
Increase Your Optins
That's a boat load of free stuff.

And, yes, it's all yours free, when you buy "The 3-Minute Expert" from us right here:

How To Win The Internet Bonus #10: Ray Higdon's Traffic & Conversion "Inner Circle" Roundtable

The penultimate bonus:

After "The 3-Minute Expert" launches, Ray Higdon will be hosting a webinar with Ben Settle and Shane Hunter (two of his traffic & conversion friends and advisors) revealing exactly how they combined email marketing and Facebook to sell $34k worth of a high ticket product to a small list over a short weekend.

This "formula" works like crazy.

And, will cost the general public $495.00 to attend.

But it won't cost people who buy "The 3-Minute Expert" from our affiliate link.

Do that, and you'll be let in free:

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