Profit Predictability with NPNBuilder

Hey NPN’ers,

Got cold traffic? Who doesn’t..Funny-money-box

But can you make money with that cold traffic by promoting NPNBuilder?

Well, the success of a sales funnel, can be determined by how well it converts with “cold traffic”.

Traffic from solo ads, traffic from safelists, traffic from ppv, banner ads etc..

In other words, traffic that has not been “pre-sold” on NPN by you.

So here’s an example of how the math can work for NPNBuilder with regards to running solo ads (based on our current over-all averages):

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  • You buy a 200 Click solo ad.
  • If the list is good, you can get a 40% opt in rate.
  • You now have 80 leads that have opted in to the NPNBuilder funnel.
  • On average, of those 80 leads, 70% of them will confirm and get their NPNBuilder account.
  • That would leave you with 56 (free) NPNBuilder signups under you.
  • At our current average conversion rate of 8-12%, your solo ad could yield 5-7 PAID upgrades to GlobalNPN.
  • Most of our new signups join at the PRO or DIRECTOR levels, which earn you between $15 and $40 each per MONTH.


Do the math with your 5-7 Paid upgrades and you can see how quickly this can become profitable for you.

Now, obviously this is NOT any sort of guarantee, since that would be horribly irresponsible of me to guarantee anything. And this is based on over-all company averages..


Even if you did HALF as good as my example, you’re still ahead of the game since you’re building a MONTHLY income off of one ad.

And… if you’ve done our autoresponder integration step, you’re building YOUR contact list at the same time (so you can sell other products to your list and make more money).

As long as you know your numbers, and always go for the highest quality, top tier traffic, you can do more than okay with this.

.. and there are many ways of getting higher quality traffic than solo ads (believe me!), but solo ads are by far the easiest and fastest way to get clicks to your link.

So what does this prove?

It proves that with NPNBuilder you can actually make money and build an income.. with “cold” traffic.

..and THAT is what makes this great.

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– Geoff Stephen

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