The MMPro now does what?? Awesome..

Hey NPNers,

For those of you that missed my FB posts this morning..

Just for fun I did a pretty hefty update to your MMPro autoresponder system.

I Added (or improved) 4 Main Features:

  1. Integrated Surveys – Create and run list-engagement surveys right from your email broadcasts (or autoresponders). You simply don’t know what your list wants.. until you ASK them. So… ask them!
  2. Dynamic Content Tags/Blocks – Deliver ultra-specific content to your lists by creating dynamic content for your list based on certain criteria (custom fiels) of your leads. Kind of like segmenting within your segments.
  3. Automated Email Triggers – Run triggers based on dates, clicks, opens, and subscribe/unsubscribe automation between lists. This completely automates your list management so you can get the MOST from your list – and the most $$.
  4. Faster sending speeds over all. Because… faster = better.

Oh, and I updated the logo. Yay!

And this..

So, as always you have the latest and greatest technology from GlobalNPN.



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The Real Shortcut to Online Success


Today’s blog post comes from a conversation I just had..

“C’mon Geoff, there’s ALWAYS a shortcut.”

You can play around with all the fancy software and try to exploit all the “secret” marketing loopholes available..

..but the people that are making the real money day after day are the ones that know how to SELL.

The internet marketing world is full of people that don’t know anything about marketing.

The “make money online” world is full of people that don’t make any money online.

The network marketing world is full of people that don’t know how to network and don’t know enough about marketing.

Funny how that is..

The skills you need to be good at, are IN THE NAME of the industry you’re in.

So.. why not focus on what you need to be good at?

Makes sense, doesn’t it?

Success in marketing is in the fundamentals.

Understand: It is SELLING.

Don’t kid yourself and think that it’s not.

“But I’m not a sales-y type of person…”

.. which means what?

All we do is provide solutions for people that have problems that they want to fix.

And THAT is what sales is all about.

1. Find a group of people that have an urgent, specific, problem.
2. Provide them with a specific solution to their problem.

aaannnddd.. Money.

So now what?

I STRONGLY urge you to stay away from the money games and tickery that is out there that only leaves people broke (and possibly you as well).

I want you to succeed.

And the way to succeed in online marketing is to focus on learning marketing. Real marketing.

And that IS the shortcut, folks.

Stay focused.

Stay the course.

Stay on track.

and stay tuned..

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— Geoff

Global NPN WordPress Plugin

GlobalNPN Update:

Hey NPN’ers,

I have just uploaded our brand new “NPN Architect Connector” plugin for WordPress into your backoffice.

What this will enable you to do is “connect” your NPN Architect pages with your own WordPress blogs, and display your NPN Architect pages on your own domains just as if they were created on your own blog.

Very cool.

So… for example..

Let’s say you have your own domain (ie. and have a wordpress blog to create your content etc.

Then… you went and created a cool looking squeeze page with NPN Architect.

But.. you would rather have your cool looking squeeze page on your OWN domain as opposed to leaving it on “” or whatever link you set up for it.

There’s nothing wrong with using that link, of course, but some of us would rather have everything under our own ‘brand’, or domain.

For example I’d rather have it on “” instead. My page, my domain.

And that is exactly what our NPN Architect Connector plugin enables you to accomplish in 3 easy steps.

.. and if you ever want to change your pages, just edit them in NPN Architect and your WordPress ‘connected page’ will be updated in real time to match the new version, which means it will always display exactly how your NPN Architect page looks currently.

If you watch the video below you’ll see exactly how it works, but as you’ll see.. if you can copy & paste a link, you can use the connector plugin.

It’s quick, and it’s easy.

(Download the plugin from your NPN Architect page in your GlobalNPN backoffice)

Oh I forgot to mention, all statistics (hits, geotargeting, split testing, etc.) will all work with your WordPress connected pages and will be recorded inside your NPN Architect dashboard.

Cool, huh?

Here’s the video:

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Geoff Stephen

Top Tier Traffic

My GlobalNPN members/affiliates often ask me about traffic.

“Where do I get it?”

“What kind of traffic should I get?”

“How much should I pay for traffic?”

“How much traffic do I need?”

.. and the ever-popular:

“Geoff, I found a deal on REALLY cheap traffic! I’m going for it! Here’s hoping..”

In my solo ad training course Solo Ad Shortcuts I go deeper into the importance of buying the right traffic for your product/opportunity.

..But it really comes down to: You get what you pay for.

You want crappy traffic from non-english speaking countries to see your site? Go for it, but you get what you pay for.

You want quality traffic from US-based, credit-card-holding, proven buyers? Yes, you get what you pay for.

Always buy traffic from “top tier” countries.


What are considered the 5 “top tier” countries?

  1. USA
  2. Canada
  3. UK
  4. Australia
  5. New Zealand

If your traffic vendor doesn’t offer such a thing.. the solution is simple.. don’t buy from that vendor.

Here’s a breakdown of the people that joined and are PAYING for their GlobalNPN membership:

Breakdown % by country (top 7):

(us) United States: 61%
(uk) United Kingdom: 7%
(ca) Canada: 6.4%
(de) Germany: 4.1%
(za) South Africa: 2.9%
(nz) New Zealand: 1.7%
(au) Australia: 1.2%

So you can see why I stress marketing to the “top tier” countries over “international” when buying traffic.

It’s where the money always is.

So look there.

Think about it..

Who do you want seeing your website?

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Geoff Stephen


How to Make $1,000,000 Per Year with GlobalNPN

Quite a headline..

Unlikely, right?

Yeah, probably, but let’s look at some numbers..

(remember this is all hypothetical and just to prove a point)

GlobalNPN pays you monthly on your referrals, as opposed to a one-time sale.


Let’s break this down based on the Executive level membership, which pays you $100 as an affiliate per month per referral to our products (for easy math).

We divide $1,000,000 by 12 ( to see what the monthly earning is ).

That would be “roughly” $83,000 per month.

To earn that much per month you’d need to have 830 Executive referrals.

Is that a lot? Yes.

Is it doable? Yes.

Is it likely? No.

No, because it’s a LOT of work and it won’t happen immediately. And hard work with time commitment scares most people away.

However.. it IS doable if you put in the effort and REALLY want it, just like anything else.

But let’s break it down a bit further.

Obviously a million dollars per year is a lot of money, and carries a lot of responsibility and accountability.

So.. what if earning 1/10th of that is what you’re looking to accomplish. $100k per year online ain’t too shabby.

To earn $100,000 per year you would need just 83 Executives under you.

Is THAT doable? Absolutely.

Is it likely? Probably not.

Again, it takes work and time commitment.

Although I don’t know what you’re like..

Would you work hard for 6-12 months in order to make over $100k per year?

Some of you might, most of you won’t… because this is the internet.

Break it down a bit further..

You need 83 executives under you to make $100k per year.

If your goal is to get there in a year, you’d only need to bring in about 7 new Executives every month on average.

Doable? Totally.

Likely? Up to you.

What about earning HALF of that?

What about earning just 1/10th of that per year?

What if your goal is just $10,000 extra per year?

That means you’d need just 8 Executives under you.

To accomplish that in a year, your commitment is just 1 referral every couple months.

Doable? You tell me..

With GlobalNPN paying out so much at each level, while offering products that people want (and need), and will stick around and use every month..

..Earning a considerable income online is absolutely doable, even if you’re just starting out.

Unless, of course, you’re not into that type of thing.

Oh… and I’m not even including the matching bonus we have that adds even more to your income.

So, do you think you can do this?

You can. I know you can. I’ve seen brand new marketers make thousands of dollars every month with GlobalNPN by simply being consistent with their marketing.

Use the products. Promote yourself. Recommend the products.

Now go do it.

Just remember, it all starts with one referral. One step at a time.

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  • Geoff Stephen