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How to Make Your Email Campaign More Effective

Quick Tips For Making Your Email Marketing Campaign Effective

Email marketing is the best way to generate new customers online. By offering something to your visitors in return for their email address, you instantly have the potential for a customer. That something might be an e-book, monthly newsletter, or anything else that has value. However, not all email marketing campaigns are created equal, and so it’s important that you know how to make the most of your email marketing campaign.

#1 Give Them What They Want

The number one rule for email marketing to be successful is to give them what they want. If they sign up for an email newsletter then offer them options about the type of newsletter/download they’ll get. Bottom line – always send relevant content and you can’t go wrong.

#2 Edit Then Edit Again

One of the biggest mistakes made is to create the newsletter or other material and send it out. Once it’s gone there’s no bringing it back. What so many don’t realize is that grammar and your style are as important in your email content as it is on your blog or your website. Before you hit the send button edit and then edit again, to make sure there are no grammar mistakes and that your message flows.

#3 Create a Publishing Calendar

Nothing will have your subscribers’ loose interest faster than irregularity. If you send out a message and then don’t send anything for months, they’ll forget about you. They’ll not bother to read your next message, worse unsubscribe, or mark it as spam. So create a publishing calendar that outlines when you’ll send out your message, what your email message will be, and what your message will look like.

#4 Test (the formatting)

Mobile devices and different email clients receive emails differently. For that reason, you should send out a test email to different devices to make sure that it appears correctly on the screen.

#5 Know and Understand Spam Rules

Many people send out what would be considered spam because they simply don’t know that they’ve broken the rules. Read the Can-Spam act and you will be able to avoid getting yourself into trouble. You are only allowed to send out bulk emails to anyone who asks to receive that email. If you collected email addresses through correspondence but no one asked to have anything sent then you are spamming them.

These five simple steps will make your email marketing campaign become more effective.

Hope this was helpful.

– Geoff Stephen


Take ACTION and Start Making Money with Global NPN Today

Here’s some advice..

All that stuff you’ve been learning how to do…

All those courses you’ve bought..

All those videos you’ve watched..

All those ebooks you’ve read..

All those webinars you’ve attended..

NOW is the time to put into action the strategies you’ve learned.

GO research some keyphrases and post an NPN Blog (it will rank highly if you do it right).

GO buy a solo ad and upsell them to NPN because they NEED the tools we provide.

GO make an NPN screencast on how to use the NPN Ad tracker.. or ANY of our tools.

GO upload a video to our uploader and show everyone how the LOGO in the top right hand corner of the video goes to YOUR NPN affiliate link.

GO ahead and show people how awesome our MMPro is.

GO and show people how you can make 100% commission on our products, 100% of the time, 100% in YOUR pocket.

GO ahead and show people that NPN pays 100%… PLUS downline commissions, PLUS matching bonuses (NOBODY else does that!).

Just GO ahead..

My point..?

NOW is the time to STOP learning (for now) and start DOING.

Just go do it.

R U with me? 

… have you done it yet?

…. what are you waiting for..?



– Geoff Stephen

GlobalNPN Autoresponder

Why the GlobalNPN Autoresponder is the Best

Hello NPN’ers,

Are you a money chaser, or an internet marketer? Are you an IM hobbyist, or are you a business person? Are you focused on ‘getting money’ or are you providing a needed product or service?GlobalNPN Autoresponder

Is your marketing genuine, or is it shallow?

Do you focus on the ‘biz opp’ (making money) or do you sell a product?

It seems that most people that are promoting other ‘programs’ focus exclusively on the income opportunity… because their products simply aren’t worth mentioning.

GlobalNPN is different.

GlobalNPN is a PRODUCT with an opportunity attached to it. (not the other way around)

Our products are solid, and are trusted.

I had a Skype conversation from one of our long-time members the other day and he shared some very cool information with me about our Mail Marketer Pro product..

(this is copied and pasted from skype):


“Oh… by the way. I have been on an autoresponder testing kick the past year. I have used Aweber for 10 years now so I keep it because I have multiple lists in the thousand sthere that would be difficult to move.  But I did a test recently with one of my sales funnels and the only variable I was testing was if the first message sent upon opt-in from these various places went into the spam folder or not.

Here is what I found. Both Aweber and Getresponse sent the first message to the spam folder even if the email had zero trigger words. It was plain and it still went there. Once I whitelisted the email address all was fine.

 I also did a test to see what would happen if I didn’t whitelist and after the first email was opened, oir sent from spam box to inbox, gmail recognized it as somewhat legitimate and would place the next email in the inbox. But after that, random messages from the list still ended up in the spam folder.

This was with Aweber and Getresponse!

Now on to your autoresponder… Mail Marketer Pro.

 I tested it against the same variable and the first message, even with trigger words about making money online etc. appeared in my inbox immediately. And the second one too… I didn’t even whitelist the send from address.

Just wanted to let you know that. I know you are proud of your products but it is always nice to hear someone else who has been around a long time give you proof. At least it would be for me.”


This is why I only use the Mail Marketer Pro for all my email communication. I have hundreds of thousands of leads and wouldn’t trust that scale of list management with a company that gets their emails sent to spam.

As I’ve said a million times before, there’s a reason people have stayed with GlobalNPN for all these years.

Our products are excellent.

That’s all for today, comments below if you got ’em.

If you like our products, please ‘LIKE’ this article.


– Geoff Stephen



3 Things To Do Today to Grow Your GlobalNPN Business (before visiting the Grand Canyon)

Hello all..

So I’m sitting in a hotel room in Flagstaff, Arizona.

It’s 6am and the rest of my family is sleeping. I’m on my computer.. in the dark.. working.

I’m on “vacation”.

So far I’ve answered a whole pile of emails, skype’d a couple people about business, and I’m currently working on an article I’m writing for my monthly contribution to Magnetic Sponsoring’s “What’s Working Now?”… oh yeah, and I’m writing this blog..

In other words, I’m working.

My question for you is:

What 3 things are YOU going to do today to grow your GlobalNPN business?

I figure if I can be on vacation, visit 4 national, and state, parks in the last couple days with my wife and 3 kids (including a looong drive to the Grand Canyon), take in a MLB game in Phoenix… AND manage to keep my business moving forward. YOU must be able to accomplish a lot more.. right? :)

So tell me..

What 3 things (or more) are YOU going to do today to grow your GlobalNPN business?

I’ve been checking our stats and our new sales funnel is rocking! Seriously. When I get home I’m going to be tweaking it and optimizing it a bit more before I start on our next funnel. But really, just get people into that funnel..

Anyways… gotta make this kinda quick.. lots to do before we start our day..

Again, I’d love to hear what you have on your agenda today..

So please comment below with 3 things you’ll accomplish (or have already accomplished) today to grow your business. (don’t just ‘like’.. comment;)

Thanks, have a great day!

– Geoff Stephen

Make money blogging

Make any money blogging?

Hello all..

Make money blogging

With all the interest in our NPN ‘Instant blog’
service, it has been requested that I do a
webinar on “how to write an effective blog
post” without having to be a great writer..

“In internet marketing, the fact is that the
people that blog regularly build the biggest
lists, attract the most people, and generally
make the most long term money

So… if you’re interested in learning the most
important elements of an effective blog post
and how to implement this on your NPN
Instant Blog…

Register for our webinar here:
=> http://www.anymeeting.com/PIID=E951D787804E3F

I hope to see you all in the webinar, it should
be fun..!

– Geoff Stephen
GlobalNPN/Leadskimmer Admin.