How To Get Support From Your MLM Sponsor

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Hi all.

scared sponsor

When we decide to join a new opportunity or business, we want to make the best impression on the people we are going to be working with, don’t we?

I mean, you want to get help and support from both your sponsor and your company, so the impression they get of you can determine what kind of support you’re going to get.

What you DON’T want to do is start off on the wrong foot and get on someone’s bad side.

Trust me, as an owner of an MLM company, I’ve heard them all – both good and bad.

If you want your sponsor and uplines to IGNORE you and hope you quit sooner than later, here are a few things you can say to them:

1. “Well, I hope YOUR system is the one that actually works for me..”

Any time someone says “I hope..” means they want something but don’t want to work for it. Your sponsor isn’t going to spoon-feed you. They’re there to help but don’t expect them to do the work for you.

2. “I’ll give it a couple months and see what happens…”

What this really means is “I hope this works..” (see #1 above), and “If something better comes along next week, I’m outta here!”. Why would your sponsor want to help you if you have no plans of actually trying to make it work??

3. “I’ll bring in my HUGE downline IF you listen to my suggestions and treat ME like a heavy hitter!”

Yeah sure. Heard that one before. I’ve dealt with lots of “heavy hitters” that didn’t even know how to swing the bat. If you truly could do what you claim, you shouldn’t have to publicly claim that you can do it, right? ie. Prove it!

4. “I don’t have a lot of spare time, but this is all AUTOMATED, right?”

Yeah sure, just click the “easy” button and go back to your video games. If you don’t have a lot of spare time, why are you starting a business? Successful people in this business work VERY hard.

I’m sure there are more “gems” like these, but I hope you’re getting the point here.

Now if you genuinely want support from your sponsor, here are some things you can say to get their attention in a more positive way:

1. “What do you suggest I do on a daily basis?”

Your sponsor (and the company) want to know that you’re “teachable” and can follow instructions. This also shows that you’re willing to learn and take on new tasks. A schedule or plan is important to ensuring that you’re consistently working your business.

2. “When can we get on the phone/skype to discuss our plans?”

Communication is the most important part of this business. The fact that you’re willing to get on the phone on a regular basis goes a long way, especially in the “online” industry. Make the call!

3. “Here’s what I did today to build my business..”

Not only does this show that you’re actually DOING something every day, you may even be giving your sponsor good ideas for building their business as well.

4. “Check out my daily task list, is there anything you would suggest I change?”

Again, show your sponsor that you are ready to go and are at least beginning to put a plan in action. Action makes money. They will pay attention.

Get the idea? Don’t expect support if you’re not willing to take responsibility for your own actions.

My suggestion right now?? Contact your sponsor and start formulating a plan. Even if you don’t really know what you’re doing, make contact and ask for help. The simple exchange of ideas between you can put you on the right track. Contact them, and make a solid committment to following up with them in a few days (make an appointment), and on a regular basis.

After all, you want to be successful in this don’t you?


- Geoff Stephen

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  • Benshirida says:

    Thanks Geoff for giving the main point of how to make a good relation for both.

  • Dyanna Yarbro says:

    I wish I would hear anything at all from my leads or downlines. I have tried contacting them, but never get a reply. Any advice on that?

  • Louise Grose says:

    If you have heard the saying; 'Church Hopper!' well I'm convince there's a saying along the same lines as a "Affiliate Hopper!' Lol.

  • Louise Grose says:

    Its not that I'm afraid of hard work; it's just I struggle to get started initially then once obtained I find then I'm able to run with it! No doubt there's many out there like myself!:^D.

  • For yr info. I am not a businessman, nor I am working now with any company and I have no commitment with anybody. I am a retired person and now I am interested in a part time online work for two, three hrs daily. If u can help me in this try otherwise forget everything and say goodbye.

  • Ron Harding says:

    Thanks Geoff,

    Great advice, but my problem is as follows:
    Whenever I get a new referral in, I always write them a welcome letter. However, they never reply, even if you ask them to communicate with you.
    Have you got the magic way of getting them to at least speak to you?


    • Yes, I promote myself first before I sponsor any new people. In other words, I’m in contact with them before they join, so the relationship is already active.

      Otherwise, I would call them directly.

  • Keep up the good work Geoff.
    I have been retired for a few year. I spend most of my days advertising a couple of online home businesses / affiliate programs… NPN being one of my best.

  • you are my sponsor, Geoff! can you help me achieved my dreams of owning my business?

  • Very good advise, Goeff.

  • Karen Redman King says:

    So true!

  • Sound advice. Makes me feel a bit guilty as I also own a full-time industrial embroidery business which I am in the process of selling with the intention of then being able to have more time doing NPN business. At present, I leave home about 8am and ussually get back between 6 and 7pm. Then its dinner and spend some time with my husband who is retired and by about 9pm I sit down to my computer for my NPN business until about 11pm. How’s that for a full day. I do have a buyer for my embroidery business but it may still take a few months before she gets the finances to buy. Can’t wait for that to happen.

  • Communication is so important

    This is a great article that will help you weed out your real prospects from your hobbyists!

    I always email my new leads with an introduction to me and my dad and invite them to connect with me on my blog and on social media.

    The way that I look at it, they are going to hear about my opportunities through my sites and will seek me out if they are interested.

    If they start to contact me back, I always try to make sure that I am the one that left communication with them last! This way, I am always reaching out.

    Definitely can put these different strategies into place!

    Thanks, Geoff!

    Steve Goodwin

  • James Young says:

    My best one was a reply to my offer of help from a dear chap called George. "I don't want to read your ra-ra emails you should be building my downline" Die George you piece of Sh@t.

  • Bert Brucker says:

    1# have a site that everyone can use easly.
    2# outsourse your advertisements and seo.
    3# build your own back links.
    4# consentraite on one thing especially spelling.
    5# multipal streams of income and stroking your down line keep you chained to a computer. I have a life to live.
    6# Yes I'm a complete asshole.
    7# school of hard knocks.
    8# JUst because it's free does not mean it works.
    9# I don't have time for leads I want them looking for me.
    9#.This Works WELL!
    11# And this has something for everyone.

  • Hi Geoff! I am sure, to ihvite to NPN is easy, but what will be, if none comes to this project in long, long time? I am trying to anounce!

  • Great stuff as usual Geoff. I have been on both ends of this scene as well and it sure is a lot better and more enjoyable to work with people who stay in communication and are willing to work and learn to get their business going.

  • Hi Hugh Hamilton here! I just signed up to Global NPN last night, and have done a few promotions at traffic exchanges, and sent Emails to a few safe lists. But, I can use any helpful tips I can get. Thanks!

  • I recommend Global lNPN to anyone both for the tools offered, and the potential income when you work for it.

  • You have a way of hitting the nail on head.

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