How Do I Get More Leads for My Business?

Posted by Admin - Geoff Stephen - September 18, 2012 - GlobalNPN, LeadSkimmer, Marketing Funnels, MLM Lead Generation, Online Marketing, Sales Funnels - 24 Comments

Hello all..

Here’s a question for ya:

So what’s the most important ‘skill’ you need to master in order to become successful in online marketing?

I suppose the answer could be things like..

Generating traffic, generating leads, writing good ad copy, using social media productively, talking on the phone to your prospects… anything like that.

Most people will say it’s a combination of many skills… which I would have to say is certainly true.


A lot of people tend to focus on one or two things, and a lot of times those are the wrong things to focus on.

I get this question asked more than any other question:

“How do I generate more leads online?”

.. and then this question always comes in second place:

“How do I get more traffic?”

It seems like everyone needs to get more leads for their business. Fair enough, and probably true.

Here’s how the conversation goes after they ask me how to generate more leads…

Me: “What are you going to do with more leads?”

Them: “Ummm.. I dunno, get ‘em in my autoresponder and then sell them stuff! Isn’t that the whole idea??”

Me: **sigh** “Well, I suppose that’s part of the ‘whole idea’. But do you know how to convert those leads into sales?”

Them: “Not really… but everyone need more leads!”

.. and it goes like that.

I guess my point here is that yes you need more leads, and yes you need more traffic… but who cares about that if you can’t make sales? What’s the point?

It’s like having a popular clothing store without a cash register. Lots of interest, no revenue. What’s the point?

There’s 4 “how to” things to learn in online marketing, and the 3rd and 4th ones are almost always ignored:

  1. How to get targeted traffic to your website
  2. How to convert that traffic into leads for your business
  3. How to convert your leads into sales, distributors, or customers
  4. How to keep those customers interested enough to want to keep buying from you

That’s it.

It seems like this entire industry is focused on getting more leads, and then selling training to those leads on how to get more leads, which trains your leads how to get more leads by selling training on how to get more leads…

See what I mean? Funny how that works. What ends up happening is you getting leads and selling ‘lead generation’ stuff to them. And that’s as far as it gets. And it sucks because nobody gets any further into your marketing funnel, and you don’t make any more money.

So my advice is to NOT forget about item #3 and #4 above. It’s NOT all about getting leads and traffic.

It’s about making sales and creating relationships with your customers.

Have a great day!

- Geoff.




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