Coming Along Swimmingly

Hello NPN’ers,

Hope you are all well :)

Bringing you up to date on a few things..

We should all be very excited about the new features coming to your GlobalNPN business!

Our new website is almost complete and it’s looking very slick and professional. What we’re planning is kind of an “upscaling” of the GlobalNPN image to bring it more into the mainstream and to make it attractive to more people.

I talked about this in more detail in a previous update here..

Our new backoffice is also looking really cool. It’s very simple to use, but will have even more powerful features available to you to maximize your productivity in your business.

The downline structure and comp plan will see a few minor changes, and the new products are going to blow you away!

The PRO level members will see a MASSIVE increase in the value of their membership. The DIRECTOR members will have a lot more power and flexibility, and GOLD will be out of the park!

The only cost difference will be at the PRO level as we’re combining it with the PLUS level. BUT you will probably wonder how you can still get all this value for so cheap 😉 Oh, and don’t worry, if you’re a PRO member now, your cost will not go up as long as your subscription stays active.

This is probably one of the biggest updates I have EVER done with GlobalNPN in 7 years.

You will also be able to build your downline however you like. It will still pay 5 levels deep as it does now, but you will have complete flexibility in HOW and WHERE your downline is placed below you in those levels. Very, very cool, and very, very easy to do. (and you can make money faster!)

So, get in tune with your GlobalNPN backoffice, it’s going to get really good!

To followup on my last post on Payza, it’s business as usual for us as far as I’ve heard.


– Geoff Stephen

P.S. Got your “ONE” yet this month? Don’t overthink it. Keep it simple, be yourself, and go and do it.




  1. Geoff, I am ready, able and excited to get started with your new look, tools and a very large market place…………..


  2. Great Geoff, Thanks for the update…

  3. Sounds great Geoff I look forward to seeing it and using it.

  4. Looking forward to the changes. Thanks Geoff

  5. Sounds great! Pretty exciting about the "New" updates!

  6. Thanks for the information and updates to our NPN backoffice Geoff….

  7. Sounds great, what will happen if we still have valid E-certificates on the Pro-level when the upgrade starts will they become unvalid?

  8. Geoff, This sounds magnificent.
    Keep up the good work!

  9. Awesome Geoff… Thank you for the update!

  10. Keeping us one jump ahead is very important to our success. Thanks so much!

  11. Good stuff Geoff. Looking forward to it….

  12. Sounds good. Thanks for the update.

  13. Geoff and all you npn’ers,
    I am eager to see what changes are afoot with NPN….
    1. I think the main things I would like to see 1. improved are capture page creator – with some cool banner and splash page graphics and “how to” instructions
    2. The ability to use our own auto-responders as per Leadskimmer
    3. Facebook page templates
    4. Business in a box value for Gold members – including traffic to their npn sites
    5. Perhaps a change to the pay plan so overspill is easier to deliver.With 5 x 5 its difficult to get overspill down below the 3rd level.

    But hey, I am happy with Global NPN….. the commission structure is amazing and anything that improves an already brilliant programme is cool by me.

    Have a great and successful day , everyone!

    Best wishes


  14. Hey Geoff, getting excited to see the new site. Any update on the release date?

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